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The BCW Project is a continuation of the long-established British Civil Wars, Commonwealth & Protectorate website, which developed out of my personal interest in the Cromwellian era. The site is not affiliated to any organisation or institution. Every effort is made to ensure that the information presented is accurate and objective.

The original site was launched in February 2001. It has been regularly archived since October 2005 as part of the British Library's UK Web Archive, where antique versions of the site may be viewed.

By 2011, after ten years online, the British Civil Wars site had become unwieldy and difficult to manage. There was no alternative but to restructure the entire site from scratch. After a couple of false starts, the site finally emerged in October 2013 as the BCW Project, preserving all the information from the old site with many additions and enhancements, a more coherent navigation system, and a completely new design.

All articles on the BCW Project website written by David Plant, 2001-15.

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I would like to acknowledge and thank the people who have helped and supported the development of this site in various ways:

Richard Archer, Simon Barne, Gerard Bauer, Richard Brzezinski, Susan Chalkley, Steven Culver, Gary Danvers, Tony Davis, John Dillon, John Dobie, John Dorney, Martin Marix Evans, David Fell, Martin Fiennes, James A. Gallaghar, Jan Kellett, John Matthews, Stephanie McEvoy, Tony Millington, Stu Nichols, Keith Nield, William Owens, Andreas Pechtl, Jason Smith, Tony Stubbings, Kim Traynor, Phil Widdows, Tim Williams, David Wilson, John Wright.